Thomas Murillo

Oct 23, 2019 – Day 3 of Face to Face Training (CMA/ 亚博买球网址)

Journal Entry – Thomas Murillo (Cohort 199)

So, today was a bit intense in training. I was pretty discouraged because my ways weren’t… the right ways. Yes. Discomfort, Discouraged, Disengaged. Toward the end of the day, I was mentally drained. But then I remembered, I still had a commitment to tend to after the training. I had promised a friend I would go to church with him. At this point, I was getting so lazy, but for some reason, I had the drive to go. Maybe because I knew that God’s word would help refresh me from my heavy day at coach training. And so I went. I arrived and met up with Josh. He’s like my accountability partner. So I end up telling him my insights from coaching class, and how draining today’s class was. He just listened. Then I asked him how he was and what he was up to. And so he shared to me his plans of a new business venture. He talks about it and describes his plans. 

Guess what. My brain started working in a different way. Less focus on content, now focused on structure. I asked a question about his end goal and what were possible barriers in pursuing his project.  At this point, I started making bullet points in my head. 

I ended up coaching him unconsciously and by the end of the conversation, he had a clearer vision of what his next move would be moving forward. 

A couple of realizations that he mentioned was that it was really challenging to start a business and that it takes some serious planning. He also was able to compare between starting it as a sole prop or a partnership. We talked about manufacturing, design, retail and motivation.

By the end of the night, he thanked me. His thoughts were a lot clearer. 

I then asked him what his next step moving forward. He said that he was to make a timeline for his planning and to come up with a business plan in 2 weeks. By November 13. Which I told him I would take his word for it and hold him accountable to it. 

After about 5 mins, he had his timeline made.

He told me earlier, “Bro, I felt like I was interviewed for a job or something.”

“On a scale of 1 to 10, how did I do?” he asked jokingly

I replied, “Bro, haha! Im supposed to be asking you that!”

i then asked him, “With the information/ realizations that you have now, how do you feel?”

He said, an “8”

I was amazed. Encouraged. Engaged. Comforted. Affirmed. 

I asked him, “What can make it a 10?”

He said, “Execution.”

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